Cut Memey is on a husband


JAKARTA: After experiencing some tough times as a single parent, model turned TV show host Cut Memey is feeling a need for someone beside her to lean on and be a father to her daughter Anshita Lorenza Agustine.

"It doesn't matter if he's a divorcee, as long as he's not somebody's husband already. He's got to keep a stable job and honesty must be one of his traits," Memey said as quoted by newsportal Inilah.com on Wednesday. "Whoever I date must also be ready to be a good father for my daughter."

That list of criteria - especially the last - has been put together out of experience. After getting divorced from Jacksen Peranginangin, Memey has dated several men. Recently, she broke up with the last one because he was not ready for commitment, she said.

"He might be older than me, but we have our differences when it comes to commitment. I want to settle down and get married, he doesn't," said the 28-year old.

Anyone up for a commitment with Memey? - JP

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