Slank to rock Live Earth

JAKARTA: Rock band Slank will take part in Live Earth, a global annual campaign event for climate change, and will write a special song about the water crisis.

The Live Earth event, which will be held simultaneously in 40 countries in April, will feature six-kilometer races and music concerts.

"The six-kilometer run is a symbolic of those people who have to look for water as far as six kilometers," Slank vocalist Kaka said as quoted by kapanlagi.com.

In Indonesia, Bali will be the host for the event. Kaka said the organizers of Live Earth perhaps chose Bali because the place was phenomenal. "It's the most beautiful place in Indonesia," he said.

Slank will record their song and launch it as a ringtone for cell phones. "I know the organizers have a plan for the musicians involved in the event to record a song about nature, which will be released as ringtone. Funds will be collected to finance this," he said.

Slank is slated to collaborate with former Miss Indonesia Nadine Chandrawinata, although Kaka said they don't yet know what kind of collaboration. "It will be in art form," he said. - JP

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