Prosecutors detain former
Ende regent

KUPANG: A former Ende regent, currently a councilor from the Golkar Party, has been detained by prosecutors over an allegation that he embezzled Rp 3.5 billion (US$388,700) from the 2005 regional budget.

Paulinus Domi was held Wednesday in the prosecutor's custody following a four-hour probe.

Suhardi from the prosecutor's office said the former regent was alleged of granting businessman Samuel Matutina a loan that was disbursed at two different times, receiving Rp 2.3 billion and Rp 1.2 billion respectively.

The loan has not been returned according to Suhardi.

Paulinus defended the allegations.

"That's not true. I did not get involved. I will prove at court I have not done anything wrong," he said. "Testimonies saying that we issued a letter of intent to chanel the loans are incorrect." - JP

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