Transjakarta hours to be

JAKARTA: The Transjakarta bus rapid transit management body (BLU) plans to extend the hours of operation on two routes after seeing a positive public response from their previous extension of service.

“We have seen positive results from passengers after we extended operation hours on Corridors I and IX,” BLU director Muhammad Akbar said Thursday.

Transjakarta buses normally operate between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. The extension added another hour to the hours of operation.

Corridor I connects Blok M in South Jakarta and Harmoni in Central Jakarta, while Corridor IX connects Pinang Ranti in East Jakarta and Pluit in West Jakarta.

Akbar said that the BLU was considering extending hours on Corridor II Pulogadung – Harmoni and Corridor III Kalideres – Harmoni. “Our plan is to extend operations on all routes but it would take a lot of preparation,” he said.

Corridors I and IX are Transjakarta’s most popular routes, serving up to 80,000 and 43,000 passengers respectively each day.

Transjakarta currently operates 10 routes. Two more routes, Corridors XI and XII, will be constructed in the next two years. — JP

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