Hitachi to grant electron

JAKARTA: Japanese corporation Hitachi will grant electron microscopes, a type of microscope that uses a particle beam of electrons to illuminate a specimen and produce a magnified image, to five universities in Indonesia.

The universities are the University of North Sumatra in Medan, Indonesian Christian University (UKI) in Jakarta, Padjajaran University in Bandung, General Soedirman University in Puwokerto and Muhammadiyah University in Malang.

Coordinating People’s Welfare Minister Agung Laksono said he hoped the grants could increase the role of universities in Indonesia in science research.

“Hitachi would distribute the microscopes in November,” the minister said Thursday during a press conference in his office in Central Jakarta.

This electron microscope is a newer model of the previous ones. Agung said more than 1,000 units had been sold around the world.

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