Ayu Tingting thankful for
sudden stardom

Ayu Ting ting (kapanlagi.com)
Ayu Ting ting (kapanlagi.com)

JAKARTA: Dangdut singer Ayu Tingting says she is grateful for her sudden fame for the song “Alamat Palsu” (Fake address), which was actually released four years ago.

“Up to now, I still don’t believe it. I used to watch infotainment shows, wondering when I would be like that. Those were mere high-scale dreams. My mother and father’s wishes have come true,” she said Saturday as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

According to Ayu, “Alamat Palsu” was composed by a man named Dadan from Tasikmalaya. After Ayu’s rendition, the song had been sung by various other singers. She said that she was only aware of the song’s rise in popularity lately when friends told her that people were singing the song.

She said she has been working on her image since then by looking to Korean pop stars for style references.

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