111 judges apply for Supreme

JAKARTA: By the end of the registration period in December, the Judicial Commission (KY) had received 111 applicants to replace retired Supreme Court (MA) judges, an official said.

Of the 111 applicants, 61 are career judges and the rest are non-career. They will undergo a selection process to replace the MA judges expected to retire this year: Harifin A. Tumpa, Mieke Komar, Atja Sondjaja, Imam Harjadi and Dirwoto.

Judicial Commission spokesperson Asep Rahmat Fajar said on Wednesday the applicants would have their administrative documents verified and the results of the preliminary selection would be announced on Jan. 12.

Asep said three applicants who had registered with his office had voluntarily revoked their registrations. Apparently, they are active judges who applied through the non-career section.

According to Supreme Court rules, active judges who want to apply for positions through the non-career section have to resign first, Antara reported.

Supreme Court Judge Harifin Tumpa earlier issued a circular, stating that any judges who intended to apply for the position of Supreme Court judge needed to have 20 years experience at the District Court level and three years serving in the High Court.

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