Kelok Sembilan overpass
set to open in April

PADANG: The Kelok Sembilan overpass will officially open in April after the project, regarded as prestigious for West Sumatra, took almost nine years to complete.

West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno said 70 percent of the 970-meter long overpass was ready to be opened to the public and was currently in the trial stage.

“We plan to launch it and it will be open to vehicles by April,” Irwan said on Wednesday.

Kelok Sembilan is an area through which a road with tight bends passes through hilly terrain in the middle of a valley, which connects West Sumatra and Riau provinces.

The area is known for its nine ascending sharp bends. It is prone to accidents and landslides, which cause congestion and cut the overland route between the provinces.

“Kelok Sembilan has a strategic function to spur West Sumatra’s economy as it connects West Sumatra and Riau. That’s why we want the project completed soon,” he said.

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