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West Java to build new
sporting venue

BOGOR: In a bid to accommodate the growing needs of a venue to host public events, the West Java administration has decided to build a new stadium in Cibinong, Bogor.

“We need a larger stadium to complement the existing Jalak Harupat stadium in Bandung, whose capacity is no longer sufficient due to the increasing population,” Governor Ahmad Heryawan said on the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony at Bogor Stadium on Thursday.

He said that as of March, the population of West Java had reached 44.2 million. He said that the residents, especially young people, needed a stadium to hold big events such as cultural festivals, music concerts and sporting events.

“We have already planned to build other stadiums in Bekasi and Cirebon. Bogor is the first to execute the plan. The new Bogor stadium can also function as the venue for agricultural product exhibitions and as a business center,” Ahmad said.

The new stadium, expected to hold 30,000 people, sits on a 60-hectare plot of land accessible from the toll road.

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