Indosat offers iPhone 4S
bundling promo

JAKARTA: Indonesian tech geeks who have been longing to purchase new iPhones bundled with Indosat services are finally able to do so as PT Indosat (ISAT) officially offered bundling promotions for iPhone 4S purchases on Friday.

“We offer this promo so that more people can get the convenience provided by our services,” said newly appointed Indosat director and chief commercial officer Erik Meijer in a press statement released on Friday.

The product, featuring a dual-core chip and a 1080 HD camera, is priced between Rp 7.7 million and Rp 10.07 million and is available at Indosat Galleries and official outlets in electronic shops.

The publicly listed telecommunication company’s competitors, Telkomsel and XL, have offered the Apple Inc. smartphone since January, tapping the growing demand from Indonesian middle-class for smartphones and data services.

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