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Your letters: New parking
fees in Bogor

Starting July 1, the Bogor municipal administration has imposed a Rp 6,000 (64 US cents) fee for parking on the main shopping streets of Jl. Suryakencana and Jl. Siliwangi.  

This is outrageous. Since we are living in a democratic country, the Bogor mayor should realize that he cannot make a one-sided decision.

He should consult with his citizens first before levying ridiculous parking fees. Shopkeepers and road peddlers are screaming murder — they see their daily earnings decrease by over 70 percent and with the Idul Fitri celebrations looming, steps should be taken to overrule this absurd decision.  

The citizens of Bogor are not being consulted at all and the mayor should realize that authoritarian rule is no longer accepted in today’s government system. This is not the New Order era. Even Fauzi Bowo is not imposing ridiculous parking fees when one parks in the posh Senayan City or Pacific Place shopping centers.

The sooner the mayor retracts this crazy decision, the better it will be. The job of a mayor is to serve their citizens and not to put unnecessary pressure on them.

Lynna van der Zee-Oehmke
Bogor, West Java

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