CSR Outreach: Chevron restores
ecology in Mt. Halimun

Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI), in cooperation with Halimun Salak National Park and other parties, is restoring critical ecology in the forests of Mount Halimun Salak, with priority given to 500 hectares of forest.

The forest restoration is being conducted under the Green Corridor Initiative. Activities focus on the planting of native trees in the green corridor, community empowerment and participation and an integrated communication program.

Ecosystems in the species-rich forest in Mt. Halimun Salak, where Chevron’s geothermal concession is located, have experienced environmental degradation due to forest encroachment and illegal logging.

Shrubs have grown wild throughout part of forest, replacing big and pioneer trees, such as Kareumbi (Omaslanthus popuneus), Cangcaratan (Naulea lanceolata), and Manggong (Macaranga rhizoides).

Chevron, along with Halimun Salak National Park and other parties, has been jointly attempting to maintain the quality of natural resources in its concession by conducting empowerment activities that bolster sustainable conservation of forest functions, human relationships and the environment of Mt. Halimun Salak since 2002.

“It is necessary to maintain the utilization of the forest so that there is a sustainable balance. With the support and participation from all parties, forest resources are expected to benefit all communities and the lives in the surrounding area. This is in line with Chevron’s values, namely protecting local civilizations and environments,” Chevron says in a report.

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