Fire destroys bag factory
in Tigaraksa

Fire destroyed a bag factory belonging to PT Abadi Tunggal Mandiri Putra on Jl. Syeikh Mubarok, Jaha kampong, Tigaraksa district, Tangerang regency on Friday.

Kusnadi, head of Tangerang Fire Agency, said that his men found it difficult to put out the fire. “It is the dry season. It took time for fire engines to take water from artificial lake at the Tangerang regency administration center in Tigaraksa, some 3 kilometers south of the factory,” he said.

The fire burned down the factory, including a bus parked inside a warehouse, within three hours. He added that all materials to produce bags stored in the factory were incredibly flammable, such as glue, thinners, plastic and chemical liquids.

Didi, a local resident who witnessed the fire, said that the fire began at about 10:15 a.m. “The fire kept growing, and we [local residents] were worried, so we reported it to the police. The fire brigade arrived an hour after the report,” he said.

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