Kontras receives international

The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), a human rights NGO, has become the first Asian organization to receive Argentina’s Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights Prize.

“I want to congratulate you on behalf of my embassy and government,” Argentinian Ambassador to Indonesia Javier A. Sanz de Urquiza said after presenting the announcement letter at the Kontras office in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The Argentinian government awards its Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights Prize to organizations or individuals that strive to promote or protect human rights. Since 2007, it has presented the award to NGOs from Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, the United States and Zimbabwe.

The ambassador said that representatives from Kontras would be invited to a ceremony in Argentina in December to receive a grant worth US$5,000.

De Urquiza said that Kontras was chosen from 50 organizations around the world due to its commitment in promoting human rights in Indonesia.

Kontras outdid organizations from El Salvador and the United States in the final round of the award nomination.

Kontras coordinator Haris Azhar said he was grateful for the award, especially in the face of the Indonesian government’s weak resolve in dealing with human rights violations.

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