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not yet satisfying, says

Jakarta: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said on Tuesday that budget misappropriation and collusion practices were still rampant among bureaucrats across the nation, suggesting that the country’s anticorruption bodies should have done better.

“To my conclusion, Indonesia’s corruption eradication efforts have led to real impacts. For example, the anticorruption climate has begun to build up. But, I am not yet satisfied. Indonesia is not yet satisfied. We must work more persistently to establish a clean bureaucracy,” Yudhoyono said upon welcoming representatives of the International Conference Principles for Anti Corruption Agencies (ACA) at the State Palace.

“We have never ending goals, unfinished agenda because corruption eradication will last forever,” he added.

The conference took place in Jakarta on Monday and was attended by leaders of antigraft bodies from 38 countries. According to Yudhoyono, corrupt practices usually take place in the procurement processes, in the issuance of government permits, in the taxation offices and in the budgeting process.

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