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Your letters: Royalty for
lungs of the world

At the 1972 Earth Summit in Stockholm, the preservation of nature began to receive serious attention.

Serious discussions about ecological issues continue. Through the media, we often hear jargon like “Go Green”, “Back to Nature” and “Save the Earth”.

Many conferences have been organized that spend large amounts of money. Those conferences were organized by the United Nations, many of which were attended by heads of state. Hopefully, all states shall participate in addressing this serious problem.

However, the earth is still dogged by problems. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2010 was the hottest compared to previous years.

Glaciers melted. The ozone layer is cracked.

It is believed that all problems are caused by human beings. People are too greedy. They ignore the effects of their actions.

Industrialized countries contribute most to the problem.

Any country that could maintain ecological balance, that could function as “the world’s lungs”, should get royalties.

There are only two “lungs of the world”: Kalimantan and the Amazon in Brazil.

Industrialized countries should have to pay environment taxes because they generate revenue from their industry-jumbo that pollutes the world.

Indonesian government should propose this idea to the United Nations. If we developed Kalimantan into industrialized areas, we would generate a large amount of revenue. But the world has suggested that Indonesia keep Kalimantan as the “lungs of the world”. Therefore, we deserve royalties.

Setyo Pamuji
Tuban, East Java

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