Nerra Merlin: Loving everything

(JP/Indah Setiawati)

This former teen magazine model has held true to her feminine side, even after becoming a singer for Tangga.

Close to the singing world since she was little, the 27-year-old first took part in singing contests when she joined Elfa’s Secioria, which led her to Austria and South Korea.

Despite the offer of a singing contract in Korea, Nerra Merlin chose to stay with Tangga, which was first set up in 2005 and is now busy promoting its fourth album, Utuh (Complete).

 “The four of singers Tangga have different characters that we try to highlight in our performance and with our fashion sense. I am more into the feminine, while Chevrina tends to be boyish, Kamga is very dandy and Tata loves hip-hop style.  

I can say that I am very girly. Like many other girls, I like shopping. I go practically everywhere — from malls to markets — to hunt for cute items.

I like to go to Senen market [in Central Jakarta] and to ITC shopping centers. Branded stuff is good, but I am perfectly fine with non-branded items.

Once, I went to Gedebage market [in Bandung, West Java] and bought a very adorable vest that I later wore when we performed.

I am also crazy about pink. Almost all of my stuff is pink, including my braces and my special toothpick for braces.             

Going to the salon once every two weeks is my way of spoiling myself. Usually, I get a scrub and a waxing treatment. I only have my arms, underarm and legs waxed. The result always leaves me satisfied, because my skin feels smooth when I touch it.    

I use my leisure time to go out with friends, but I mostly choose to exercise at home.

We usually perform on weekends, so I can only exercise during the weekdays. I practice with barbells and do sit-ups and push-ups to train my muscles.

I used to go to the gym, but I quit. I plan to go back to the gym in January.”    

— Indah Setiawati

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