Wiranto’s declaration
can wait, Hanura says

The People’s Conscience Party (Hanura) will declare former general Wiranto as its presidential candidate by the end of this year at the latest, a top party official says.

Hanura politician Saleh Husin said on Friday that the party was now busy looking for potential legislative candidates and was in no rush to officially announce Wiranto’s nomination. “If he declares his candidacy now, [that means he would] only be thinking of his personal ambitions […] We are afraid this would hamper the party’s interests,” he said.

The party has yet to find a running mate for Wiranto. Saleh said it would likely depend on the result of the legislative elections as the party would have to coalesce with other political parties to get the ticket for Wiranto in the presidential election.

The party, however, is now short-listing potential figures to be paired with Wiranto. “We are now looking at some big names that could boost [Wiranto’s] electability,” Saleh said.

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