Civil servants to lead
by example

The city administration is drawing up sanctions for civil servants caught smoking in the their offices and public places.

Deputy Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama told reporters on Friday that he had summoned all administration officials to discuss about the matter.

"We will start with civil servants in the administration. Any found smoking in buildings or offices will not receive their bonus," he said in his office.

He said that civil servants should promote a healthy lifestyle and not get into trouble for misconduct.

"We will also distribute more advertorial stickers to increase society awareness."

As for the owners of public building, Basuki said they would have their permits withdrawn if they did not comply with the regulation.

The 2012 Gubernatorial Regulation on no-smoking areas, an enforcing regulation of the law on the same matter, stipulates that all administrative institutions, officials and owners of public facilities are obliged to monitor and report on the ban's enforcement.

Perpetrators can be slapped with a six-month sentence or a fine of Rp 50 million (US$5,136).

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