Father of British woman
files report on daughter’s
liquor death

The father of a British tourist killed after drinking adulterated liquor has filed an official police report with the Langkat Police, three months after the incident.

The police can now start a formal investigation into the death of Cheznye Jade Kinsy Rose Emmons in April with her father, Brenton Emmons, saying the report was filed on July 11.

“Based on results of the autopsy carried out in the UK, the victim died of alcohol intoxication. We put this fact in the report to the Langkat Police so they can follow up on the case,” Emmons told The Jakarta Post in Medan on Wednesday afternoon.

Emmons was accompanied by his friend Boo Beckett in the interview with the Post before they rushed to Polonia Airport to return home.

When asked what took him so long to file the report with the police, Emmons said it was because he had just recently received the autopsy results.

He said he would submit the autopsy report to the police in two weeks at the latest. He did not bring the autopsy report as he did not know that the police needed it for their investigation.

Emmons added that in addition to filing the report of his daughter’s death, he also submitted the chronology of her death, starting with her arrival with two friends at Bukit Lawang tourist resort in Langkat regency. They had some drinks that led to the intoxication.

After filing the report, Emmons said that he visited Bukit Lawang for four days to find evidence of adulterated liquor.

He admitted to having bought two bottles of adulterated Mansion Dry Green, which was consumed by his daughter and her friends. He paid around £3 (US$4.5) for each bottle.

“I will test the alcoholic contents at a lab in Britain,” he said while showing the two bottles he bought at a stall in Bukit Lawang.

Emmons said he filed a report because he wanted the police to investigate the distribution of adulterated alcohol that killed his daughter.

“I want the police to be serious in investigating the distribution of adulterated liquor. I hope there will be no more foreigners dead from drinking adulterated liquor,” he said.

There have been numerous cases of foreign tourists being killed after drinking adulterated liquor in tourist destinations such as Bali and Lombok.

Emmons also wanted the police to arrest the vendor who sold the adulterated liquor.

Meanwhile, Langkat Police detective chief, Adj. Comr. Rosyid Hartanto, confirmed on Wednesday that the victim’s father had filed a police report allowing the police to launch a formal investigation.

”We have started an investigation and the dossier has been drafted. Now we are waiting for the autopsy and alcoholic content reports from Britain,” Rosyid told the Post.

Rosyid said the initial investigation found that the victim and her boyfriend bought the liquor from a stall in Bukit Lawang. He said the liquor could have been adulterated because there was no seal and the price was much cheaper than the original.

He added that the police had questioned a female vendor who sold the liquor.

The chief detective also said she revealed that all liquor being sold in Bukit Lawang came from a factory in Deli Tua in Deli Serdang regency, which was raided by the Medan City Police in June.

Rosyid said the female vendor was still being questioned as a witness because there was no evidence confirming that Emmons died of drinking adulterated liquor.

“If the autopsy and lab reports show that Emmons died of drinking adulterated liquor then the vendor may face a four year prison sentence,” he said.

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