Govt vows to save Satinah
from Saudi death row

The head of the National Labor Placement and Protection Agency (BNP2TKI) Jumhur Hidayat says that he is optimistic the government can save Satinah, 40, an Indonesian migrant worker from the death penalty
in Saudi Arabia.

Satinah, who comes from Ungaran, Central Java was sentenced to death by a Saudi court in 2009 for killing her female employer in 2006. Satinah claimed to have murdered the employer in retaliation for continuous abuse that she had suffered at her hands.

“Our lawyer is getting close to reaching an agreement with the victim’s family about the ‘diyat’ [blood money]. The final decision will be in August,” Jumhur said while on a visit to Satinah’s family.

Satinah’s brother Paeri, 42, said that he hoped that the government could afford the ‘diyat’ to annul the death sentence. After tough negotiation, the family of the victim agreed to accept 7 million riyals (US$1.8 million) in ‘diyat’.

“We hope that Satinah can be released soon,” he said.

Satinah admitted that she killed her boss and stealing 37,970 riyals before she fled to the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah. However, she said that the killing was unintentional. (hrl/dic)

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