Commuters block railroad
in Tigaraksa

Hundreds of people claiming to be passengers who failed in their efforts to buy train tickets staged a protest at Tigaraksa Station on Tuesday, blocking the railroads heading to and from Jakarta.

They covered the tracks with wooden blocks, chairs, stones and anything else they could find, leaving passengers stranded at several stations along the commuter line service.

Supri, one of the protesters, said most of them had failed to get tickets from the stations of Daru and Tenjo due to the newly applied passenger limitation policy.

“The new train regulation limits the tickets to sell and cuts the number of cars so that many of us are left without transport, but we need to go to work,” he said.

The protesters later made Tigaraksa Station chief Yodi Ismanto sign a letter stating that the station would return to the previous ticket quota.

Starting on Tuesday, the stations should have applied a train passenger limitation policy limiting the number of passengers to 150 percent of the train's capacity, to ensure safety.

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