Singer Diana Nasution dies

Sixty nine-year-old singer Diana Nasution passed away in a hospital in Jakarta early on Friday morning.

The mother of pop singer Marcello “Ello” Tahitoe and wife of musician Minggus Tahitoe was once known as a cancer survivor, kompas.com reported.

Diana was famous for hits like “Benci tapi Rindu” (Hate but Longing), “Katakanlah Sejujurnya” (Tell me the truth) and “Ayah” (Father). Her latest duet with Titi DJ in 2010 was called “Jangan Biarkan” (Don’t Let it End).

Diana started her singing career with her sister Rita Nasution, forming the Nasution sisters in the mid 1970s.

Diana became known as vocalist who used to sing songs by renowned songwriters like Minggus Tahitoe, who later became her husband, and Rinto Harahap.(dic)

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