Balinese Hindus perform
Tawur Kesanga to welcome

Six sulinggih (priest) led Balinese Hindus in Denpasar in performing the Tawur Kesanga ritual at Puputan Badung Park on Sunday before Nyepi or the Hindu Day of Silence, which falls on Monday.

“The ritual welcomes the holy day of Nyepi and is performed to maintain balance and harmony with nature,” a member of the ritual committee, I Ketut WartaYasa, said as quoted by Antara news agency.

Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Wijaya Mantra and a number of city administration officials as well as heads of customary villages also attended the ceremony.

“After the ceremony, our people wish for deviant behavior to be minimized,” said Ketut Warta.

Meanwhile Ida Bagus Rai said that he wished for the Balinese people to see Nyepi as a day to practice self control.

“Tawur is a commonly performed ceremony and we hope the ritual makes people more devoted,” he said. (idb/*****)

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