Former Bandung mayor sentenced
to 10 years in prison

The Bandung Corruption Court sentenced on Monday former Bandung mayor Dada Rosada to 10 years in prison and fined him Rp 600 million (US$51,780) for his involvement in bribery.

The panel of judges said Dada was proven guilty of bribing judges at the Bandung District Court and the West Java High Court in return for handing down light sentences to defendants in a social aid embezzlement case.

“[…] declare that defendant Dada Rosada guilty of committing corruption collectively and continuously,” presiding judge Nurhakim said in the hearing on Monday as quoted by tempo.co.

Dada was charged under articles 5 and 6 of the 2002 Corruption Law.

Nurhakim said there were mitigating and aggravating factors in Dada’s case. Mitigating factors, he said, included Dada being elected Bandung mayor twice and that he had won accolades locally and from abroad.

Aggravating factors included the fact that as a mayor, Dada had not set a good example in the fight against corruption, Nurhakim said.

He further said that as a leader, Dada should have prevented colleagues from committing corruption. “But instead, he himself took part in corruption and provided support for Rohman and his friends [allegedly involved in the social aid embezzlement case]. He tainted the court’s image and damaged the sense of justice in society,” said Nurhakim.

Dada was pronounce guilty of bribing the judges with Rp 1.81 billion and S$160,000 as well as karaoke entertainment and house appliances from July to December 2012. Dada’s accomplices – Rohman, Edi Siswadi, Toto Hutagalung, Herry Nurhayat and Asep – were sentenced to one year in jail and fined Rp 50 million by the same court. (idb/ebf)

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