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5 most-watched Indonesian movies from the last decade

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Jakarta  /  Tue, July 5, 2016  /  08:11 am
5 most-watched Indonesian movies from the last decade

After 14 years of wild speculation over what would become of Cinta and Rangga, fans finally found the answer in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (What’s Up with Cinta 2). (Primeworks Studios via The Star/-)

What was the last movie you watched? Compiling a list from Film Indonesia, here are some of the most-watched Indonesian movies from the past 10 years.

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 ( 2016 )

Picking up from the tearful airport scene in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, the sequel finally answers the pressing question fans have all been wondering: What happens next for Rangga and Cinta? We are taken 14 years into the future, when Cinta and the whole gang are all grown up, with their various adult problems. 

My Stupid Boss ( 2016 )

Bossman, an Indonesian who owns a company in Kuala Lumpur, finds his large firm in complete disarray. The culprit? Bossman himself. Diana, Bossman’s secretary, has to juggle her boss’ various unexpected antics. 

Surga yang Tak Dirindukan ( 2015 )

Based on the best-selling novel written by Asma Nadia, this dramatic movie revolves around Arini and Pras as they struggle to maintain an “ideal marriage”. Despite stories of infidelity all around her, Arini convinces herself to remain faithful to Pras, while believing he is doing the same for her. The fateful day comes when Pras saves a woman from a car accident on his way to work. Finding himself in a polygamous relationship, Pras’ loyalty to Arini is tested. 

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Comic 8 ( 2014 )

Eight young bank robbers, each with their own unique strengths and experiences, find themselves forming three teams, after what initially seemed to be just a “weird coincidence”. Join them as they work together with a pretty police officer to find the best way out for all of them.

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck ( 2013 )

A dramatic romance, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck (The Sinking of the Van Der Wijck) tells the story of lovers fighting against the fate of their disparate social backgrounds. Set in the 1930s, Zainuddin sets sail to his father’s homeland, Minangkabau. There, he falls in love with the sweet, dainty Hayati. But Zainuddin is a mixed-blood child as his mother is from Bugis. Because Hayati is a pure-blood Minangkabau lady, her family rejects Zainuddin, instead choosing another suitor for their daughter. (sab/kes)