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'Buffalo Boys' praised for action-packed first trailer

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, April 23, 2018  /  07:36 pm

The first trailer for action film Buffalo Boys featuring Indonesian actors was released on Friday.

Produced by Infinite Studios in collaboration with Zhao Weil Films and Screenplay Infinite Films, the trailer presents an interesting mix of a story filled with love, hatred, revenge and rage. 

"Hopefully this trailer will be able to attract Indonesian audiences," said producer and director Mike Wiluan in a statement on Monday as quoted by

Mike, who wrote the script alongside Rayya Makarim, combined historical Indonesian elements and Western classic nuances during the end of 18th century in the film, which follows two siblings who seek to avenge their late father, who was killed by colonizers, after years of being exiled to the Wild West. Upon returning to Indonesia, the siblings work together with their uncle and later gather with a group of locals to unite and fight against the colonizers.

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Helmed by a production team from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia, the film boasts a quite complicated visual and design set. For instance, various weapons were used in the flick, from modern firearms to golok (traditional machete).

Mike said the movie accurately displayed the color, tune and textures of the critical period in the history of Indonesia. The filming itself was conducted in various locations in Java, meanwhile the Infinite Studios recording studio is located in Batam, Riau Islands.

"Following the premiere in Indonesia, we hope [the film] will also able to grab the attention of audiences globally," said Mike.

Slated for screening in July, the cast of Buffalo Boys includes Yoshi Sudarso, Ario Bayu, Pevita Pearce, Hannah al Rashid, Tio Pakusodewo, Mikha Tambayong, Happy Salma, Zack Lee, Daniel Adnan, Alex Abbad and Reinout Bussemaker. 

Since the release of the trailer on YouTube, many users have praised the flick, from its cinematography to music. 

"Can't wait for the movie to come out!" says one user.

"Cool, but do more promotions to make sure it sells; it will be a loss if such good movie lacks promotion," added another. (kes)