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Writers’ Series 2018: Storytellers unite!

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, May 23, 2018  /  10:00 am

Earlier this month, from May 5 to 6, The Jakarta Post Writing Center, an English writing training institution under The Post, hosted the third Writers’ Series.

Under the theme The Story of Us, the event consisted of discussions on the first day and creative workshops on the second day. Around 30 speakers of different backgrounds and perspectives attended the discussions, triggering dialogue among the audience about various topics, from how to tell stories from different perspectives to the role of stories in business strategy and what stories are currently built by Indonesia in the run-up to the 2019 general election.

“This is a great opportunity. Even if you don’t want to be a writer or if you have given up on your aspiration to be a writer, this is a perfect vehicle for us to tell each other’s stories,” said M. Taufiqurrahman, The Post’s managing editor, who was one of the speakers for a session titled Capturing the Voices of a Changing Nation.

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On the second day, the creative workshops consisted of several topics, including Keeping it Unreal: Dreams & Fantasy with American fiction writer Ben Loory that discussed the dos and don’ts of writing science fiction or fantasy stories and What’s in a Memoir? with Sun Yat-Sen University creative writing director Dai Fan and author Xu Xi.

Those interested in The Jakarta Post Writing Center activities, including the Writers’ Series, can find out more on the website. (wng)