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Obituary: Rocker, preacher Hari Moekti laid to rest at 61

Dylan Amirio

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Tue, June 26, 2018  /  09:09 am
Obituary: Rocker, preacher Hari Moekti laid to rest at 61

Hari Moekti, ex-rocker who was later known as a preacher, has died on Sunday at the age of 61. ( Jabar/Hilman Kamaludin)

Eighties Indonesian rock musician-turned-preacher Hari Moekti died of a heart attack on Sunday in his hometown of Cimahi, West Java. He was 61 years old.

News of his death came from a number of sources in his inner circle, including his younger brother, Moekti Chandra, who broke the news on Sunday night that his brother had suffered a heart attack while staying at the Edge Hotel in Cimahi, reported.

Hari was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead not long afterwards.  

The singer/preacher was known to have had heart complications prior to the final attack.  

Hari, whose real name was Hariyadi Wibowo, was born in Cimahi on March 25, 1957, and found fame after fronting for a number of rock bands in the 1980s, bringing more than a touch of emotion to songs such as “Ada Kamu” (There’s You), “Apel Pertama” (First Date) and “Satu Kata” (One Word).

His vocals can best be described as a bright, powerful light that cut through the sometimes middling melodies. This is present in songs like “Ada Kamu”, and was definitely an inspiration to fellow rock vocalists.

Hari’s tenure as a rock singer included stints in bands such as Makara, Krakatau and Adegan. However, in the 1990s, he turned to religion, opting to leave the music world behind and become an ustad (Islamic preacher), becoming one of the first musicians to take this path, which in turn was followed by a number of young musicians.  

Despite his departure from the music industry, he still managed to inspire many young musicians, some of whom paid tribute to him.

Inna lillahi wa innailaihi rojiun (We belong to God and to Him we shall return). My Makara bandmate Hari Moekti, I hope your path to heaven is clear,” musician and lawyer Kadri Mohamad posted on his Facebook account.

Kadri also posted the band members’ old photos and a YouTube link of their songs on his account.     

 “Rest in LOVE Hari Moekti, a singer that opened up my musical imagination when I was younger. Your music and voice will always be an inspiration. Thank you,” tweeted singer Glenn Fredly.

“Goodbye to my middle school rock idol. I hope God accepts you by His side,” tweeted Naif vocalist David Bayu.

Hari was buried in Cikereteg, Bogor, on Monday.