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Papermoon Puppet Theater to hold free 'Pesta Boneka' in Yogyakarta

Arya Dipa

The Jakarta Post

Bandung, West Java  /  Sat, September 8, 2018  /  09:07 am
Papermoon Puppet Theater to hold free 'Pesta Boneka' in Yogyakarta

Papermoon Puppet Theater's puppet characters Puno (right) and his daughter Tala (second right) are seen playing in their “home”. (Papermoon/File)

Papermoon Puppet Theater group is set to hold a free-of-charge event called Pesta Boneka #6 (Puppet Party) from Oct. 12 to 14.

The group's co-founder and Pesta Boneka initiator Maria "Ria" Tri Sulistyani told The Jakarta Post that this year's biannual festival would feature 20 groups from 15 countries.

"We [finally] succeeded in making this festival a free-entry event. For the last four years [people have had to purchase] tickets," said Ria at a recent fundraising event in Bandung, West Java, called Puno (Letters to the Sky).

The first two days of Pesta Boneka #6 are to be held in IFI Auditorium in Yogyakarta.

"We will also turn a restaurant into a mini theater. On the third day, we will put on a show in a village," Ria said, adding that the "When Puppeteers Cook" show was slated to be held in Kepek village in Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta and would invite puppet players to cook together.

Since 2014 Papermoon has collaborated with locals to play host to their events.

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Among the artists registered to participate in the event are those from the United States, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines and Germany, among other countries.

"We will also have around five to six local performers," said Ria.

Ria said the festival served as a friendship gathering, where all the artists come using their own money. "We told them we could only provide five days' accommodation, food and a small allowance; very little yet these people want to come [anyway]," she said.

"[We told them] we couldn't pay them but we promised they would be able to meet [many] people, share with them. Half of them already know about Papermoon."

Ria said the group had set no visitor target for the upcoming event. However, at least 5,000 people came to Pesta Boneka #5. "Since the upcoming festival will be free, we have no idea [how many will show up]. It's thrilling just imagining it," she said, smiling. (kes)