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Entang Wiharso to take part in Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition

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-  /  Sat, March 2, 2019  /  09:06 pm
Entang Wiharso to take part in Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition

Wuzhen, a scenic historic town in Zhejiang province in Eastern China. (Shutterstock/Richie Chan)

The month of March is set to see the second Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition in Wuzhen, China. Indonesian contemporary artist Entang Wiharso is among the 45 artists from 21 countries who will take part.

During the exhibition, slated to run from March 31 to June 30, Entang will present Chronicle Fence, a follow up to the issues he has raised in a series of works. The installation art work encompasses art and symbols that are identified with mental borders such as politics, possessiveness, love and fanaticism in religion.

The fence symbolizes the line between ethical and non-ethical, or between humanization and dehumanization.


NOW IS THE TIME 2019 Wuzhen International ContemporY Art Exhibition Participating Artists : 布鲁克·安德鲁(Brook Andrew)、吉勒·巴比耶(Gilles Barbier)、詹姆斯·贝克特(James Beckett)、帕森·布鲁瑟与玛吉特·卢卡斯(Persijn Broerse & Margit Lukász)、陈松志(Chen Sung-Chih)、光之子(Children of the Light)、莱涅克·迪克斯特拉(Rineke Dijkstra)、冯立(Feng Li)、Regina José Galindo (瑞吉娜·侯赛·加林多)、何翔宇(He Xiangyu)、何子彦(Ho Tzu Nyen)、米娜·亨利克森(Minna Henriksson)、加里·希尔(Gary Hill)、罗杰·海恩斯(Roger Hiorns)、洪浩(Hong Hao)、Humans Since 1982、蒋志(Jiang Zhi)、全昭侹(Sojung Jun)、安尼施·卡普尔(Anish Kapoor)、李昢(Lee Bul)、梁绍基(Liang Shaoji)、拉斐尔·洛萨诺-赫默(Rafael Lozano-Hemmer)、马秋莎(Ma Qiusha)、名和晃平(Kohei Nawa)、施林·奈沙(Shirin Neshat)、大卷伸嗣(Shinji Ohmaki)、朱利安·奥佩(Julian Opie)、卡特娅·辛克(Katja Schenker)、格雷戈尔·施耐德(Gregor Schneider)、妹岛和世(Kazuyo Sejima)、沈少民(Shen Shaomin)、施慧(Shi Hui)、苏汇宇(Su Hui-Yu)、西塞尔·图拉斯(Sissel Tolaas)、阿玛利亚·乌尔曼(Amalia Ulman)、王鲁炎(Wang Luyan)、渡边玛雅(Maya Watanabe)、恩唐·维哈尔索(Entang Wiharso)、雅娜·文德伦(Jana Winderen)、伍韶劲(Kingsley Ng)、徐坦(Xu Tan)、杨福东(Yang Fudong)、利亚姆·扬(Liam Young)、杨嘉辉(Samson Young)、张鼎(Zhang Ding)、赵赵(Zhao Zhao)、庄辉(Zhuang Hui)、Zimoun #indonesianartist #studiolife #contemporary_art @tangcontemporaryart #tangcontemporaryart #indonesianartist #americanartist

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In a statement about Entang’s participation at the event, Can’s Gallery pointed out that fences in Indonesia kept people out, referring to the function of fences to maintain privacy and for protection, both psychological and physical. Meanwhile, ornate fences are also perceived as a sign of wealth and exclusivity.

“The fence is a pliable symbol in my work. It carries many meanings depending on context; however, its potency is as a border,” Entang was quoted as saying.

He went on to say that it was his response to the radical activities of destruction, censorship and the prohibition of shadow puppet performances and art activities. The prohibition was carried out by a radical religious movement.

The inaugural Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition was held two years ago, and featured 40 celebrated artists.

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China Daily wrote that the exhibition in the small town, which is famous for its canals, in East China’s Zhejiang province gives locals and tourists a sense of what contemporary art is.

The team of curators also told China Daily that the exhibition was expected to help broaden people’s minds about the new trends in contemporary art. An interesting part of the exhibition is that the artworks will be displayed in different environments ranging from an ancient canal area, a silk factory to a granary.

The contemporary artists who will display their works at the exhibition include British visual artist Julian Opie, Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima and Argentine artist Amalia Ulman, who is known for her internet art. (mut)

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