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Five things to avoid when writing your CV as fresh graduate

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Jakarta  /  Sun, August 11, 2019  /  12:09 pm
Five things to avoid when writing your CV as fresh graduate

If you have too many errors on your CV, then do not expect to be called back for the next stage of recruitment.  (Shutterstock/KYTan)

At the end of every university year, there is a wave of new fresh graduates who begin to look for work. 

Even though there might be an abundance of available positions, finding something that’s right for you might prove to be more difficult than you imagined. Chances are, the employers hiring for your perfect position are going to be quite selective. 

The first things they would look for is work experience and how you composed your curriculum vitae (CV). If you have too many errors on your CV, then do not expect to be called back for the next stage of recruitment. 

Your CV or resume is very important for getting your foot in the door of the position you are seeking. So knowing this, here are some things fresh graduates should avoid to make the best first impression with their CVs, as compiled by

Over-decorating the CV

With the countless CVs a company might have to look through every year, it is important to be a little creative and make something eye-catching. However, if you go a little overboard then it will just steer recruiters away. 

Be sure to pick a font or design that is not over-complicated. Having a CV that is too decorative would give the impression that a child had made it. 

Of course, this would depend on what type of job you are looking for, so be sure to make the right judgment for how much (or how little) you may need. 

Grammar or spelling errors

Grammar or spelling errors are the most likely errors you would make. Even though your software might detect grammatical or spelling errors, it might miss something every once in a while. 

Making spelling errors on the CV you submit might give the impression that you are not careful with your work. So be attentive and double check every single line of your CV. 

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Using the wrong photo

Many people tend to use the wrong photo on their professional CV. So what counts as a wrong photo? Since this is a professional CV, it is best to keep your photo professional as well. Try to avoid the holiday tourist photos. 

In actuality it is not required to attach your photo nowadays. However, if you are asked for this or choose to add it anyway, be sure to remember this tip. 

Unprofessional email address

If you grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s, then there is a high probability that you have made an embarrassing email address named after your favorite celebrity or Star Wars character. So be sure to have an email address ready that is more presentable and uses your name or initials. 

Irrelevant information

Outdated or irrelevant information is one of the most common errors made by professional prospects. Even though you might be proud of a speech you made during middle school, it might not be entirely relevant to the position you are applying for. 

Too much information would also clutter your CV and end up doing more harm than good. It is not necessary to add every single experience you might have had, as it might not even be read at all. So limit your CV to two pages at maximum, and only include information that is relevant. (sal/kes)

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