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Breaking the vicious cycle of a toxic work environment

Pychita Julinanda

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, February 5, 2021  /  05:05 pm
Breaking the vicious cycle of a toxic work environment

(Screengrab) Comedian Pandji posts a clarification on YouTube after his tweet he posted regarding work hours went viral. (Pandji Pragiwaksono/YouTube, Courtesy of youtube/pandjimusic)

Millions of Indonesian job seekers are struggling under the continuing uncertainties of the global pandemic, especially young workers. I am one of them: a 22-year-old living from paycheck to paycheck. Read also: Urgent need to tackle youth unemployment in COVID-19 pandemic But in early January, I found an opportunity for a job as a writer. As I sat in front of my laptop before the virtual interview, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. “Hi, I’m sorry I’m late,” my interviewer said with a smile, which immediately put me at ease. They had asked me to bring along an article I found lacking to discuss how it could be improved. I picked one that was published by my former employer, an education nonprofit organization, that I felt was weakly written and ripe for criticism. But I hadn’t thought things through, and as I started talking about the...