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The best of the best: Halal food in Manado

Wahyuni Kamah
Wahyuni Kamah

Traveler, certified English-Indonesian translator

Manado  /  Wed, April 13, 2016  /  04:25 pm
The best of the best: Halal food in Manado

Halal food in Manado. (

Home to an array of culinary delights that have, over time, been heavily influenced by a blend of local, Dutch, and Chinese culture, North Sulawesi is known for its spicy food and delicious traditional snacks.

Manado, the provincial capital, is a particularly good location to begin a culinary journey. Despite the fact that the city is mainly populated by Christians, the city boasts a number of halal restaurants catering to Muslim visitors.

We’ve found the top five places to visit in Manado for those seeking to savor the local halal cuisine.

Jl Wakeke
Opening hours: 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Come here for breakfast!

Tinutuan is rice porridge mixed with pumpkin, sweet cassava, corn and vegetables such as morning glory, yard long beans and daun gedi (gedi leaves); the latter available only in Manado.

Tinutuan and mie cakalang.(Wahyuni Kamah/-)

You will find many houses converted into restaurants selling this particular dish along Jl Wakeke, but we recommend you visit the first house on the left side of the street. This venue also offers other specialties such as mie cakalang (mackarel noodles), perkedel jagung (corn fritters) and perkedel nike (fried ‘nike’ fish cakes).

Nasi Kuning Saroja
Jl Diponegoro
Opening hours: 5 a.m. - 9 a.m.

While there are many street vendors or warung (small street-side restaurant) that sell nasi kuning (fragrant yellow rice) in the morning, Nasi Kuning Saroja is considered to be the best due to its vast choice of toppings, including sambal goreng kentang (fried potato chili), kering ubi (dry sweet potato), abon cakalang (skipjack tuna flakes), daging sapi suwir (shredded beef), serundeng (seasoned grated coconut), boiled egg and chili paste.  

Traditionally, this dish is wrapped in woka leaves, grown in the cool mountainous climate of local sugar palm plantations. The leaves add fragrance to the rice.

Nasi kuning (fragrant yellow rice). (Wahyuni Kamah/-)

Kanaka/Lililoyor Market
Jl Sudirman IV
Opening hours: Morning

A traditional snack haven!

Visitors can expect to find all kinds of authentic North Sulawesi delicacies at this particular market, from apang coe (a soft rice flour sweet) and nasi jaha (glutinous rice cooked in young bamboo) to dodol kenari.
An old-favorite at Pasar Kanaka is Evie Cake and Bakery where you’ll find the largest selection of snacks, from fresh bread and cakes to cookies.

Es Tjie Mie
Jl Sudirman No. 104
Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Es kacang merah (red beans, shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk) is a popular dessert in the region but the best one is offered by Es Tjie Mie, a venue that first opened in 1957.

A perfect place to seek refreshment during the midday heat, Es Tjie Mie also offers es kacang durian (kidney beans with ice, sweetened condensed milk and durian), es kacang avokad (kidney beans with ice, sweetened condensed milk and avocado) and es avokad durian (kidney beans with ice, sweetened condensed milk, avocado and durian). If you fancy a little more than Es, Manado favorites like tinutuan, mie cakalang and fried banana are also available for lunch or dinner.

Es Tjie Mie.(Wahyuni Kamah/-)

Jl Raya Kalasey
Opening hours: Afternoon

Conveniently situated beside the sea, Jl Raya Kalasey is home to a variety of bustling seafood restaurants.

Here, the fresh seafood prices are based on weight. If you don’t feel like seafood, many alternative dishes are also available, including the famous woku belanga (spicy stew).


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