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Emirates puts women at center stage

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Dubai, UAE  /  Thu, March 8, 2018  /  02:28 pm
Emirates puts women at center stage

Captain Patricia Bischoff (left) and first officer Rebecca Lougheed on the EK225 (Emirates/Emirates)

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Dubai-based Emirates airline shared its story of how women have been part of the company’s success from the start.

“Every flight that we operate needs an entire ecosystem of staff from a number of business units to come together and work seamlessly. Emirates is proud that we have women represented in all these key functions,” said Abdulaziz Al Ali, Emirates executive vice president of human resources.

He went on to say that on International Women’s Day, the airline celebrates women’s extensive contribution to Emirates and to the broader aviation industry.

As part of the celebration, Emirates is highlighting the integral role played by its female employees through a special video that documents the breadth and diversity of the operational and technical roles performed by women in the group.

The video gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look at women employees from various Emirates Group business units, carrying out all key activities for the operation of flight EK 225 from Dubai to San Francisco. The Emirates A380 aircraft was piloted by captain Patricia Bischoff from Canada and first officer Rebecca Lougheed from the United Kingdom, with cabin crew led by the purser Weronica Formela from Poland.

In addition to the flight crew, an all-woman team worked on all above-wing and below-wing activities in the lead-up to departure. Their roles span customer service in the airport, ramp operations, technical services and a myriad of other duties.

The EK 225 operational team also included Emirati women working in the engineering, flight dispatch, security and cargo operations.

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In total, a team of more than 75 women of some 25 nationalities worked on the flight.

Meanwhile, the Emirates Group employs women from more than 150 countries, including close to 1,150 Emirati women who work in diverse functions across the business. They are also represented in senior managerial and executive roles.

Overall, female employees constitute more than 40 percent of the workforce at Emirates, with the majority working as cabin crew. (mut)