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Six restaurants in Japan that serve halal food

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Japan  /  Sat, March 17, 2018  /  12:05 pm
Six restaurants in Japan that serve halal food

Just like its culture, a lot of people take the art of Japanese cuisine seriously. It is no wonder, then, that Japanese dishes like sushi are popular worldwide. (Shutterstock/File)

In Indonesia, it is easy to find restaurants and grocery stores that serve halal food. Muslims traveling abroad sometimes find it difficult to find culinary delights that are suitable for consumption.

Here are six restaurants in Japan that serve halal food, as compiled by

Seasonal Cuisine Matsumune 

In Chiba, Muslim travelers seeking halal food can visit Seasonal Cuisine Matsumune. The restaurant serves vegetarian sushi, which could be a choice to satisfy hunger.

There are also sushi sets that include a range of side dishes such as chicken, vegetable salad, miso soup, tempura and tofu. A set costs 1,500 Yen (US$14). 

Shira Yakiniku Restaurant 

Also in Chiba, Shira Yakiniku serves halal yakiniku beef. Visitors must reserve prior to their meal to enjoy halal yakiniku in order to avoid the restaurant's long waits. 

The dish is served with a side of rice and vegetables. 


Panga is a restaurant located in Taito. There is a halal logo displayed at the entrance door, which indicates the restaurant was certified by the Japan Halal Foundation. 

The restaurant serves yakiniku, which comes in generous portions.

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Halal Sakura 

Located in Asakusa, Halal Sakura's entrance is decorated with a cartoon image of a boy and a girl dressed in Islamic attire, with the girl donning a headscarf.

The restaurant serves a shabu-shabu set that comes with beef, goat, chicken karage, calamari, tofu and vegetables that are ready to be poured into a hotpot to cook. The dish is usually enjoyed with a bowl of rice. 


Nikkoken is a ramen restaurant located in Sano. There is a mural at the restaurant that is signed by visitors who have eaten there. On it, there are many testimonies from Indonesian visitors. 

The food is affordable, with a bowl of ramen ranging between 650 to 900 Yen. There are also side dishes such as karage and gyoza, all of which are halal.


Heian is a retaurant in Nikko that serves udon and soba. It is located in the Tobu World Square area.

An udon set includes a large bowl of udon noodle soup served with tempura, tofu, seaweed and a dash of salty soy sauce. According to, servers at the restaurant say that the soy sauce is halal certified. (liz/wng)