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MTI suggests Lebaran travelers use 'mudik' apps

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-  /  Sat, June 9, 2018  /  06:08 pm
MTI suggests Lebaran travelers use 'mudik' apps

Cars on the Pantura highway in Tegal, Central Java, on Dec. 22, 2017. (Antara/Oky Lukmansyah)

The Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) suggests mudik (exodus) travelers utilize mudik apps to help them throughout their journey.

“Through such apps, if there is traffic jam, people can use other routes, such as non-toll road in Pantura or the southern lane,” Djoko Stiojowarno of MTI told Antara.

Djoko believed this year’s mudik would not be too different from last year.

Aside from mudik apps, the government has also opened several toll roads and state-owned energy company Pertamina is set to increase the availability of fuel.

Djoko later stated that it was important for the police to monitor the starting point and end of a toll road. “If it [the road] is too dense, cars shouldn’t be allowed to enter. The same thing goes for the end of the road,” said Djoko, also noting that the system should be applied as there was an additional lane heading south. “We used to have just Pejagan [toll road], now Adiwarna Tegal toll road can also be used.”

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Pertamina’s support in terms of fuel distribution is also considered helpful.

Djoko said services were being offered to deliver gas to people stuck in traffic.

KiosK Pertamax, for example, provides 10-liter packages of Pertamax gasoline.

Djoko perceived it as a safe way for people to get fuel.

“It’s better than drivers traveling with extra fuel – which is considered dangerous,” said Djoko. “It’s important that fuel is available not only in Pantura, but also in the south lane.”

Pertamina has prepared other services for the Idul Fitri exodus, including 13 units of Serambi Pertamax, 60 units of KiosK Pertamax, 200 units of Motoris Kemasan and 105 fuel packages. (wir/wng)