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When in Bogor, Malasari village is tourist gem worth exploring

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Jakarta  /  Tue, December 18, 2018  /  06:31 pm
When in Bogor, Malasari village is tourist gem worth exploring

This beautiful waterfall in Mount Halimun Salak National Park, West Java, is a must-see. (Shutterstock/File)

No need to book a flight to Bali, Bogor in West Java has plenty to offer for year-end holidays.

Approximately 100 kilometers from Jakarta, Malasari tourist village is a great place for a natural holiday escapade. Located in Nanggung subdistrict, Bogor regency, West Java, Malasari boasts the refreshing beauty of Mount Halimun’s ecosystem.

Here are seven charms awaiting visitors to Malasari tourist village, as compiled by

1. Diverse flora and fauna

Seventy-eight percent of Malasari tourism village is located in the Halimun Salak National Park, where visitors can encounter the park’s diverse fauna and flora. The lowland rainforest offers tons of endemic plants and unique animals such as Javan gibbons, leopards, Javan eagles and slow lorises.

2. Beautiful rice terraces

One of Indonesia’s signature landmarks, rice terraces can also be found in Malasari. The local community still uses a traditional planting system and patterns. Visitors can enjoy the seren taun harvest ceremony here, aside from taking gorgeous selfies, of course.

3. Nirmala Agung tea plantation

Established in the Dutch colonial period, the Nirmala Agung tea plantation covers 11.8 percent of the tourist village’s area. The plantation is stunning and is an ideal to take stunning photos. Visitors can take a walk in the tea garden while breathing in the rainy city’s fresh countryside air.

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4. Waterfalls and rivers

Do you enjoy some splashing in water? Well, Malasari is surrounded by the Cikaniki and Cidurian rivers. It also has a lot of waterfalls, such as the Bajing and Pasakan waterfalls.

5. Canopy trail


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A canopy bridge connecting several large trees is available in Malasari. Built in 1998, it is 120 meters long and 25 m high. It’s just perfect for a thrilling adrenaline ride.

6. Historical tourism

This tourist village also hosts the Bogor regency’s forerunner, the 1947 Boepati Hall, which was its first administrative center, led by Rd. Ipit Gandaman. There are also several other ruins that can be explored.

7. Sundanese home accommodation

Those interested in staying the night in a traditional Sundanese house, can visit the Abah Nduy homestay. Located just behind the Boepati Hall, the homestay is a good place to stay for tourists visiting with their families. However, visitors are also allowed to set up tents in the available camp areas. (iru/kes)