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Macklemore treats 100-year-old grandma to her best birthday in music video

NiƱa V. Guno News Network

| Tue, July 11, 2017 | 02:33 pm

What do you do when your grandmother turns 100 years old?

Give her the best time and feature it in your music video, according to Macklemore.

The Grammy award-winning rapper’s song “Glorious” lives up to its name when his Grandma Helen Schott let him take her out for a joyride in a golden Cadillac.

They egg her house, shop for white sneaks, and party her way.

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She also did things she’s never done in an entire century: “It was my first time singing karaoke. I’d never been into one of those places where you play all the games either. Everyone was so charming; they’re all wonderful people,” Schott told the Modesto Bee.

According to the local paper Modesto Bee, the video took three days of shooting in Schott’s hometown of Modesto, California, and Macklemore’s family were all a part of it.

Macklemore’s crew also scoped out the places beforehand, and if you were in the area, you would’ve witnessed a mini-concert at the karaoke bar during the shoot on June 17, a Saturday afternoon.

Macklemore and family spent a few hours in there, where the former sang his own hits, including “Glorious” for the first time, while Grandma Helen sang hits from Elvis Presley and country singer Tammy Wynette.

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