SMS: Idul Fitri greeting

Your meaning of Idul Fitri and your greetings to relatives and friends.

Idul Fitri means to be reborn with the sincerest heart and most positive mind. On this special occasion, I would like to wish all Muslim readers a very happy Idul Fitri.

Idul Fitri means that we are just like a newborn baby which is holy and clean. Have we improved our morality after a month-long fast? And we hope Allah Almighty will bless us all.
Bekasi, West Java

Idul Fitri means forgiving each other. I would like to send my Idul Fitri greetings to all of my relatives and friends. Minal Aidzin Walfaizin. Please forgive me.
Bekasi, West Java

The best friend is charity, the best religion is sincerity, the highest identity is faith and the weighty job is self-control. To all my friends, my lecturers and members of my family -- especially my parents -- please accept my apologies. Happy Idul Fitri.
Metro, Lampung

A smile to start the day, a prayer to bless your way, a dzikir to lighten the moment. Hope your Ramadan was successful in building the character of true Muslims. As the Idul Fitri comes, I would offer my apology for any mistakes I made in the past. Let's purify our heart.

Happy Idul Fitri. Please forgive me, friends. Taqoballahuminawa minkum. Minal aidzin wal faizin. FATMA YUNIARTI
Metro, Lampung

Idul Fitri means a beautiful day for me. All Muslims deserve to have happiness after they complete their one month-long fast -- not eating, drinking, or having sex from dawn to sunset. YUSMIA RINA NINGTYAS.
Metro, Lampung

Idul Fitri is the time for happiness and relaxation because we don't have to wake up in the morning for school. And it's also the winning day for Muslims after performing a month-long fast during Ramadan. EIKO C SATRIYA

Idul Fitri is the most waited day for Muslims. But we may forget that there are still many people who cannot enjoy the holiday for various reasons.

Through this Forum, I would like to say happy Idul Fitri to my sister Heny (nurse). Don't be sad that you cannot perform mudik (seasonal exodus) this year. AGUS MUSTOFA

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