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Text your say: Sri Mulyani quits

  • The Jakarta Post

| Mon, May 10 2010 | 10:41 am

Your comments on Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati’s resignation from her current post to take up a new position as a managing director of the World Bank amid political pressure against her from opposition parties

This situation reminds me about the time when East Timorese Bishop Ximenes Bello and Jose Ramos Horta, (two freedom fighters against Indonesia) were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996.

Instead of being proud, Indonesian officials, including then PM Ali Alatas, were not happy. They ridiculed and questioned the decision but the Nobel Peace Prize Committee went on. Indonesians are supposed to be proud to hear this news!

About Sri Mulyani’s appointment, it is a great embarrassment for the House of Representatives, Cabinet and the Corruption Eradication Commission because despite their insistence to continue the investigation over her involvement in the Bank Century case, WB simply does not care and continues with the decision.

Ibu Mulyani truly deserves this important and prestigious position because she has a long and proven good track record in saving Indonesia’s financial situation during the crisis. She is clean, a hard worker and highly educated. Ibu Mulyani, go on fighting. I am very proud of you!

Robby Kaware

I have never met Ibu Sri Mul-yani. In my opinion, she is the only nation-minded finance minister we have had so far. I wonder if there will be a successor of the same or at least nearly the same quality as hers.

Thus, before leaving her office, she had better advice Pak Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono about a suitable successor.

Ahmad Ghozali
Majalengka, West Java

Mam, before you resign from your post, could you explain the issue regarding Bank Century?
I am sure after you explain it, you can work with a clear conscience in your new position.

Cirebon, West Java

What’s wrong with Indonesia? While the top brains are needed to run this country, even the President approves this brain drain.


I think we know Sri Mulyani. She always did her job perfectly.

A managing director of the World Bank is a fit position for her.

Dodi Efendi

We had R.A. Kartini, Dewi Sartika, Cut Nyak Dien; we have Herawati Diah, Pia A. Lishahbana and more. Who doesn’t want to be left behind?

Selamat jalan to Sri Mulyani Indrawati for her new post; and on behalf of Indonesia: “Thank you”.

Moeljono Adikoesoemo

I am proud of her because even though I am from Singapore, I am from Javanese descent similar to Ibu Sri Mulyani.

I wonder why Indonesia treats her so bad.

Anisa Latif
I salute you Ibu Sri Mulyani!

Why waste your knowledge, energy and time for this country who doesn’t appreciate you.
Indonesia has lost her most brilliant daughter and we Indonesian women are proud of you!  

N. Ticoalu

Sri Mulyani has impeccable credentials for the World Bank.

The people of Indonesia should recognize this and wish her the best in the next part of her life journey. She is clean in a mire of political backbiting and obfuscation.

Philip Sivek
Surakarta, Central Java

I think she has to wait until the Corruption Eradication Commission has made a conclusion on the Century issue (I hope it will be finished soon).

The job at the World Bank is good. I am proud there’s an Indonesian serving in an international organization and of course, the salary is better. Be patient, Ibu Sri Mulyani.


It was a black Wednesday in the history of our nation; one the most honest, and qualified people, and someone who is known as the hope finally succumbed to political pressure by the political elite that prefer to remain.


We should congratulate Ibu Sri with her “temporary exile”, and hope she will return even more seasoned.

However, for Indonesian people at the moment the wolf pack hit high score over the dove. There is higher risk that financial reforms will halt.


This is a sad story for Indonesia, it shows where the country is, so rich in natural and human resources but trapped in poverty and stupidity. One can be poor, but do not be stupid, it makes all the difference.

Suwito Utomo

Every rule has an exception, so is the entry and exit of Sri Mul-yani from the national atmosphere.

Whether she will appear in the media again is another question, but her gamble in the Sunset Policy and asking people to register themselves as tax payers (NPWP) paid off temporarily to the national exchequer.

The question remains why she was cornered in Bank Century debacle.


Sri Mulyani’s removal is a victory for the corrupt officials. One can but hope that Indonesia’s long war against corruption will not be lost and that truth and justice for the people will eventually prevail.

Peter Hoyles

It is shame for those at the House of Representatives. Sri Mulyani’s resignation to take up a new position as managing director of the World Bank is a big slap on the face to those people. Congrats to Bu Sri Mulyani. We are proud of you.

Anna Suresh

Congratulations Bu Ani, we look forward to welcoming you as our next president in 2014!


Well, on the one hand I am proud of her achievement and recognition. She’s certainly one of the best and is the most brilliant minister we’ve ever had. I don’t doubt her integrity.

However, I keep wondering whether what she is doing is a “gentle” or ksatria step to take. I believe that it will be more gentle to finish and clear up the Century case before taking the position.

I think it is understandable if people like me question: Why out of the blue? Why Sri Mulyani? Why the World Bank? After all, I do believe that there is no free lunch at the World Bank.

Dyah Widiastuti


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