RI Sunni-Shia Council established

JAKARTA: A gathering called the Indonesia Sunni and Shia Council (MUHSIN) was established Friday in Jakarta by the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) representing Sunni and the Indonesian Ahlul Bait Followers (IJABI) representing Shia Muslims.

“This council is the first in the world,” IJABI chair Jalaluddin Rahmat was quoted as saying by Antara news agency.

The council aims to hold gatherings, dialogues and social activities, but not to attempt to mix the two teachings, he said.

The declaration of MUHSIN’s establishment was attended by Iranian Ambassador to Indonesia Mahmoud Farazandeh.

Daud Poliradja from the DMI said the council’s establishment was prompted by violence committed in the name of religion.

One of the five points of MUHSIN’s declaration called for “the burying of animosity and separatism among believers”. — JP

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