Tangerang goes hi-tech
in traffic

TANGERANG: In a bid to reduce congestion at city intersections, the Tangerang municipal administration plans to use new technology in traffic light management.

“With the new technology, called the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), long lines of vehicles at intersections can be handled on a real-time basis,” Gatot Suprianto, head of the Tangerang Transportation Agency said on Thursday.

The new technology uses a closed-circuit camera that would respond to conditions at any given intersection.

“Our study shows the new technology could reduce the rate of congestion by 30 percent,” he said.

Like many other cities in the country, Tangerang currently applies the Multi Program Eight Phase System technology for traffic light management, technology that many cities have started phasing out.

“We hope the new technology will be operational next year,” he said.

Tangerang municipality currently has 17 intersections prone to traffic congestion with the Multi Program Eight Phase System. — JP

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