Nia and Ale shooting movie
in Papua

JAKARTA: Celebrity couple Ari “Ale” Sihasale and Nia Zulkarnaen have begun work on their upcoming film
Di Timur Matahari (East of the Sun).

Nia and Ale flew to Lanny Jaya regency in Papua last Monday for
the film.

“This movie is slightly different from Alenia’s previous [productions]… the preparation for this movie was the hardest because Lanny Jaya is a new regency,” Nia said as quoted by tribunnews.com. Alenia is the couple’s production house.

According to Ale, the shoot is slated to finish within a month. It will feature such stars as Ringgo Agus Rahman and Laura Basuki.

“We want to offer peace through this movie,” Nia said.

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