Price drops hit BlackBerry
Z10 in Batam

Around two months after the BlackBerry Z10 was launched across the world, the price of the new touchscreen smartphone has dropped in local cellphone markets in Batam.

In Lucky Plaza, the biggest cellphone sale center in Batam, the Z10 has been retailing at Rp 5.8 million (US$596.95) per unit, down from Rp 9 million. Such a price drop seems to confirm the widespread rumor that many Z10 owners in the US have returned their new smartphones to the stores due to their disappointment with the device.

Ahai, the owner of Batam Seluler, said on Tuesday that many buyers had sold their Z10s back to his cellphone store.

His store did not offer after sale services to customers, but as many customers had insisted on returning their Z10s, he had accepted the products in the hope other customers would want to buy the used products.

“Yesterday [Monday], a customer resold a BlackBerry Z10 that had been bought a week before, saying the smartphone was complicated to use,” said Ahai.

He said the Z10’s price was continuing to decline daily by at least Rp 20,000 per unit and added that such price drops were occurring in almost all of Batam’s cellphone stores.

He said many customers complained that the Z10’s battery was wasteful along with the smartphone’s BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). (ebf)

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