TNI, Malaysian military
to conduct joint training
to tackle terrorism

The Indonesian military (TNI), in cooperation with its Malaysian counterpart, has announced that it will conduct a joint training on tackling terrorism in Medan on Friday.

Dubbed under the “Combined Joint Task Force- Counter Terrorism”, the joint training sessions will focus on how to tackle terror attacks and dealing with the aftermath.

As many as 1,185 TNI personnel from three branches, the Army, Navy and Air Force and 293 Malaysian soldiers, will participate in the training sessions that will last until June 12.

“We need to know whether or not we are able to tackle terror attacks and the aftermath,” TNI Commander Adm. Agus Suhartono said on Friday.

Besides personnel, several military aircrafts such as a Helicopter Bell-412, Helicopter MI-17, warship KRI Makassar-590, warship KRI IBL-383, C-130 and Fokker 28 airplanes, will also be involved in the

Malaysian Military Commander Gen. Tan Sri Dato Sri  Zulkifli acknowledged that he was upbeat about the joint training. He expected that the training would provide a solution for the need of both countries to expel terrorists.(dic)

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