PPP will report KPU to

The United Development Party central executive board (DPP PPP) will report the General Elections Commission (KPU) to the Election Supervisory Committee (Bawaslu) and submit a lawsuit against the commission at the State Administrative Court (PTUN) following its decision to cancel the party’s temporary legislative-candidate lists in two electoral districts.

“We consider the KPU’s decision to be illegal so we will report the commission to the Bawaslu,” DPP PPP secretary general Muhammad Romahurmuziy told journalists at the People’s Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives (MPR/DPR) compound, on Tuesday.

The KPU has canceled the party’s legislative-candidate lists in West Java II and Central Java III electoral districts.

Romy said the KPU’s decision was contrary to the General Elections Law and violated the commission’s own regulations.

“The KPU has failed to implement good governance principles because it neither involved nor heard input from the PPP in canceling the temporary legislative-candidate lists in West Java II and Central Java III electoral districts,” said Romy as quoted by Antara news agency.

DPP PPP chairwoman Fernita Darwis said the KPU canceled the candidate lists in the two districts, saying that they did not fulfill the 30-percent-quota for female legislative candidates.

She said the PPP gave the KPU two days to correct its decision.

“But if within the next three days the KPU has not changed its decision, then we will proceed further with our legal steps,” she said. (ebf)

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