Soldatenkaffee closed due
to media pressure

Henry Mulyana, a 35-year-old entrepreneur who owns the Soldatenkaffee cafe, says he has no choice but to close his business due to intense media pressure.

Henry opened his café, which offers a variety of dishes in 2011, and since then it has continued to receive a lot of media attention because of Nazi decoration and symbols on the front of the café’s building.

“As an ordinary person, I don’t understand about the pressure. Many people outside have taunted me with vile language. I cannot say anything. After harsh statements were published in online media, I immediately closed my café,” he said in a press conference in Bandung, West Java, on Saturday.

Henry said he was very confused and felt depressed.

The red and black-colored café interior is already clear of all Nazi-themed decoration. There are no posters, pictures, or images of German soldiers from the Second World War.

Previously, Henry had hung a Nazi flag with a Swastika symbol in the middle on the wall. Several images and pictures of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, were also scattered throughout the café’s walls. Nazi party symbols and regalia also hung on the wall. Only a sign saying “Soldatenkaffee-der Kommandantur Gross” is left.

Henry said his café had a pop culture theme. “It used a Second World War theme from the German side; but, it should be noted that it is art, not ideology or even extremism or racism,” he said.

The Bandung administration had sent a summoning letter to Hendry. “We want to know what is his actual purpose is,” said Deputy Bandung Mayor Ayi Vivananda. (ebf)

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