Police, FBI join forces
to investigate Vahey

The National Police will hold a meeting with US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) representatives on Monday next week to discuss a child molestation case implicating former Jakarta International School (JIS) teacher William James Vahey.  

Vahey, who committed suicide in March following an FBI investigation in his alleged pedophile activities, had worked as a teacher in various private schools in a number of countries, including Indonesia, for four decades.

The FBI unearthed dozens of photographs of at least 90 of Vahey’s alleged victims - dated 2008 - and encouraged other victims to file reports.

The police’s general crimes investigation deputy director, Sr. Comr. Toni Hermanto, said on Wednesday that the meeting was intended to trace Vahey’s activities while teaching at the school.    

“According to the FBI, he taught at JIS between 1992 and 2002. On Monday, the FBI will confirm on that,” he said in Jakarta.  

Separately, JIS head of school Timothy Carr pledged the school would fully cooperate to support the FBI’s investigation.  

“We have already contacted them [the FBI] and tomorrow we will be hosting a meeting with our alumni, as well, to talk about the case,” he said during his visit to The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

Carr added that none of JIS’ alumni had filed reports on possible sexual assaults committed by Vahey.  

Besides the Vahey case, JIS is in the spotlight following a rape investigation involving its kindergarten pupil and several cleaning staff. 

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