Journalists’ murders
made into documentary

The violence that befell four local journalists has become the subject of a documentary titled Kabar, Kubur, Kabur (News, Buried, Blurred), which was released over the weekend.

The first part of the film tells the story of Didik Herwanto, a photographer with the Riau Pos who was beaten by Indonesian Air Force Lt. Col. Robert Simanjuntak when trying to take a picture of a Skyhawk fighter jet, which crashed in Riau in 2012.

The second part of the documentary tells the story of Fuad Muhammad Syafruddin, a journalist with the Yogyakarta-based daily Bernas who was murdered in 1996.

Fuad’s murder was allegedly linked to articles he wrote that were critical of the local administration in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

In fact, it was the story of Fuad that prompted director Hellena Souisa to make the documentary.

The 45-minute documentary also features the story of RCTI war reporter Ersa Siregar, who was shot dead by a member of the Indonesian Military (TNI) when he was being hold hostage by Free Aceh Movement (GAM) separatists in 2003.

The fourth subject in the documentary is Ridwan Salamun, a journalist with Sun TV in Maluku who was murdered while covering a communal conflict in Tual. The film was made possible due to collaboration with the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) and the Press Legal Aid. (put)

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